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The concept of e-government, benefits and objectives
admin 09 January 2023
E-Government Concept: E-government is also called e-governance, the application of information technology, Communication on government funct...
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Tips to ensure export success for food industry companies.
admin 08 January 2023
 Exporting food products abroad is not an easy process, but it needs to be on scientific grounds to ensure their sustainability and success....
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In 2022 gold declines and oil continues losses as dollar rises
admin 29 November 2022
 Oil futures lost more than $2 a barrel in early trading Monday as U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude slumped to its lowest level in 11 mont...
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The idea of planting on the rooftop and Benefits  !!
admin 28 November 2022
 If you are an amateur farmer, but you find yourself constrained by space, Or you don't know how to take advantage of the rooftop garden...
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What are tariffs? and How to calculate it?
admin 27 November 2022
 Customs duties are taxes imposed by States on goods imported or exported from abroad and paid during the transit of such goods and their en...
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The future and importance of the electric car industry
admin 18 October 2022
 The electric vehicle industry has come a long way globally to take centre stage, removing vehicles based on internal combustion engines fro...
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Impact of import and export on the economy
admin 16 October 2022
 Today, the consumer has seemed accustomed to seeing diverse products from around the world in commercial markets. These imported products p...
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