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Learn about the Arab people who consume the most tea

 Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, and the tea trade represents the second largest market in the world in the hot beverage sector after coffee, in terms of value. Tea has been in the customs of the Chinese for centuries, before it reached Western countries and the rest of the world.

The global consumption of tea in 2018 reached about 273 billion liters (about 748 million liters per day), according to the latest statistics of the International Tea Committee, and consumption is expected to rise this year to 289 billion liters (791 million liters), and then to 297 billion liters. (813 million liters) by 2021. The total value of the tea market in the world in 2018 amounted to more than 52 billion dollars, and it is expected to rise to about 81.6 billion dollars in 2026.

Learn about the Arab people who consume the most tea

Arab region:

The following are the peoples of the region who consume the most tea:

  • Kuwait and Saudi Arabia: 1.2 kilograms per person in 2020.
  • Morocco: 1 kg.
  • Egypt: 0.9 kg.
  • Oman: 0.8 kg.
  • Tunisia: 0.7 kg.
  • Qatar and Sudan: 0.6 kg.
  • Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria and Bahrain: 0.5 kg.
  • UAE: 0.4 kg.

Despite the disparities between these countries, the per capita consumption rate exceeds the world average, which is about 0.2 kilograms.


Pakistan is the world's largest importer of tea, with imports worth nearly $571 million in 2018, followed by Russia (497 million), the United States (488), the United Kingdom (397), and then the UAE (323).

There are Arab countries among the largest importers of tea in the world, including Egypt (318 million dollars), Saudi Arabia (252 million), and Morocco (220 million).


China is the largest producer of tea in the world, with more than 2.5 million tons, according to the 2017 census, then India with one million tons, then Kenya with 300,000 tons, then Sri Lanka with 200,000 tons, and Indonesia with 100,000 tons.


China tops the list of the largest tea exporters. Its exports in 2018 amounted to about 1.8 billion dollars, followed by Kenya with more than 1.3 billion dollars, then India with 766 million dollars, the UAE (295 million), and in fifth place Germany (256 million).



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