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iPhone 14 and iOS 16 update (features)

 Apple announced the specifications of the iPhone 14 iPhone 14 officially, in a special conference held at the Steve Jobs Theater inside the main campus of Apple Park, California, USA, and the iPhone 14 comes with the same design and processor of the previous generation,

However, the American company has enhanced the specifications and features of the new generation of iPhone, as the iPhone 14 iPhone 14 comes with a better main camera and a better front camera as well. It also supports the emergency communication feature via satellite, in addition to the automatic detection of car accidents and emergency calling.

iPhone 14 and iOS 16 update (features)

iPhone 14 features:

  • iPhone 14 is available in the same design as the previous generation iPhone 13, design with flat edges of aluminum in five assorted colors including red, white, black, violet and blue.
  • iPhone 14 works with the same processor as last year's iPhone 13 A15 Bionic.
  • iPhone 14 carries a 6.1-inch screen covered with Ceramic Shield for protection.
  • IP68 water and dust resistance support.
  • iPhone 14 supports for the first time emergency calling via satellite, the feature is available in November 2022 for users in the United States and Canada only.
  • iPhone 14 also supports automatic detection of car accidents and automatic emergency call.
  • The iPhone 14 battery provides the user with up to 20 hours of use before the need to recharge, according to Apple, with support for fast wireless charging via a Magsafe charger.
  • iPhone 14 works with iOS 16, which provides many new features, most notably significant changes to the Screen Lock screen, which through the new iOS 16 update allows the user to completely customize it.
  • iPhone 14 comes with an improved 12MP main camera with a larger sensor and a wider F1.5 aperture, with support for OIS optical stabilization.
  • A better front camera that supports the auto focus feature for the first time, with a 12-megapixel resolution and f/1.9 lens slot.
  • Brighter flash for the rear camera.
  • Support for 5G networks.

IOS 16 update specifications:

    lock screen:

The iOS 16 update comes with a special focus on bringing a new lock screen experience to the iPhone, as it supports customization with a better design to match the user's preferred experience, and to support the user optimally.

To customize the lock screen, Apple allows you to choose a favorite image as the main interface for the phone, while improving the quality of the image display with tools that display images with a new design.

You can also customize the colors of the time and date in the lock screen, with the design of the font used in displaying the time and date, and choosing widgets for the lock screen, which allows the user to get quick information and details about the weather, calendar, upcoming events and other details via a peek of the lock screen.

The “Live Activites” feature supports the user in iOS 16 with a real-time feed of the latest details of sports events, or the track of delivery requests, directly from the lock screen.

Improvements in “Now Playing” with the expansion of the playback window to include the full screen when listening to music or podcasts to display the album art in a large size, and Apple also offers the “Now Playing” window with a new design now.

The “Live Activites” feature is scheduled to support third-party application developers in bringing the feature later this year in other applications such as sports applications to see match results, moment by moment, or to track the path of delivery requests.

    iCloud Shared Photo Library:

The iOS update supports you with the feature of a shared photo library in the iCloud cloud service, which offers users a seamless experience of sharing photos with the family, where the library can include up to 6 people to share in this library with full memories enjoyed by members.

Quick setup: iCloud Shared Photo Library features a smooth and fast photo sharing experience, where the user can choose to share all their photos at once, or customize the photos to share according to the date or people in the photos.

Manually selecting photos to share: You can move photos to be shared in the shared photo library manually, or you can also move photos shared in the shared library to your photo library again manually.

Automatic sharing based on the closest in your surroundings: The user can turn on the camera and share the photos that are taken automatically, so when you take pictures of the people who share with you in the library and who are in your vicinity, the photos are shared automatically, provided that both parties are signed in to iCloud with Bluetooth turned on.

Smart Suggestions: Support the user with smart suggestions to include images from For You to the shared library, where you can quickly click to add an image, or preview an image of the suggestions to add it independently.

Recreating Family Memories: The Shared Photo Library supports you to relive entire family memories of a specific event through a collection of photos and videos shared in the Shared Library.

    Live Text:

Live Text supports the user with text and interactive data for images and videos, and with this update, the feature gets improvements in understanding more languages ​​than Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian.

Interactive texts will perform better with 4Video compatible video content. The feature also supports the user to copy and paste texts, with support for searching, translation, sharing, and performing quick actions.

The feature is also compatible in working with photos, videos, QuickLook, as well as the Safari browser and other actions that can be performed such as calling phone numbers, or playing Internet page links, as well as searching for addresses and creating a calendar.

    Visual Look feature:

The Visual Look feature supports the user to quickly search for information about different objects, or scenes that appear in images via the iOS system, where a topic can be raised from the background image and then search for details and information about this object or topic, such as searching for details about an image A bird in the background images, or details of a statue and other objects.

    Siri Features:

Apps work automatically in the iOS 16 update with Siri digital assistant, so the user does not need to adjust the settings in the application to support working with the digital assistant.

Siri's digital assistant also now allows you to share emojis in messages, and end phone calls via Apple's digital assistant directly, without the need to use your hands.

The new API allows Siri to include different phrases in applications to activate the digital assistant, and when the digital assistant realizes the content of messages, it skips the confirmation stage to choose the emoji that matches the messages.

The user can also summon the digital assistant for a suggestion, or when working on a specific application, also in the case of using AirPods wireless headphones, Siri can provide support to end hands-free calls.

There are more superficial improvements and fixes in the system that we couldn't mention just to make it short.



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