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The idea of planting on the rooftop and Benefits !!

 If you are an amateur farmer, but you find yourself constrained by space, Or you don't know how to take advantage of the rooftop gardening can provide an excellent solution for you especially for city dwellers, planting roofs has many advantages as roof gardens exploit space that may go unnoticed or unused and can be very attractive And for surface farming to have great economic and environmental benefits,

 agriculture is one of the ideas of projects on the most widespread rooftop and also purify the air and reduce the temperature and noise as plants drink rainwater, So it reduces runoff on exposed surfaces, and there is also cosmetic benefit, You can create a wonderful flower garden above your rooftop with the aim of adding an aesthetic and decorative space to the home.

Of course, you should set the goal of planting the surface before you start any practical action. Because the goal that will determine the type of plants that you will choose, the most appropriate way to grow them and the overall design of the place But there are always things to consider when planting the surface, When you're on the surface, it's always either too sunny or too windy, So the climate on your home surface will really depend on the surrounding environment. All plants are affected by the climate.

The idea of planting on the rooftop and Benefits  !!

Suitable plants for planting:

Of course you can choose a variety of plants ranging from ornamental plants, to vegetables and fruits for planting household surfaces, examples of plants suitable for surfaces:

  • Tomatoes
  • Option
  • Beans
  • Aubergine
  • Lettuce.
  • Basil.
  • Strawberries.
  • Pepper.
  • Juniper trees.
  • Oregon grapes.

A suitable place to grow plants:

The use of lightweight containers is the most common surface cultivation method, this design is not only popular, it is easy to maintain and provides more flexibility and less cost than any other method, and container gardens on the surface are ideal for surfaces with limited weight capacity as well and can fit any lifestyle or budget.

In fact, it may be many elements, such as containers in hand and readily available to those who wish to grow surfaces may include plastic butter receptacles, Tupperware containers or similar items suitable for plant cultivation, 

But you must add some drainage slots and you will immediately get an inexpensive container And because weight problems can often be a factor in choosing the right containers for a rooftop garden, Lightweight containers are excellent options, fiberglass or wooden containers can be used, Lining container bottoms with lightweight materials, such as peat or algae, 

Another good idea, one of the advantages of using containers on the surface is also that they are versatile and can easily rearrange plants on the surface or transfer them to different areas, Especially during winter when it can be moved indoors away from the rain.

Benefits of Surface Planting:

    1-Availability of a local diet:

You can grow all the vegetables you need above the surface of your home, so that you self-suffer from the agricultural products you need, and of course this may also save some money, and you may also use organic farming in your home, thereby ensuring that what you eat does not contain dangerous or harmful chemicals.

    2-Fire Resistance:

Green surfaces are characterized by much lower thermal load compared to normal surfaces, and thermal load is the heat caused by the combustion of a substance.

    3-Limiting electromagnetic radiation:

The cultivated surface is capable of reducing the penetration of electromagnetic radiation by 99.4%.

    4-Reduces noise:

Green surfaces are excellent noise relieving, especially low frequency sounds. Large planted surfaces can reduce the sound coming from the outside by 40 dB, while narrow cultivated ceiling can reduce the sounds coming from the outside by 50-46 dB.


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