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Fears of "Chat GPT" and the dramatic development of AI technology?

 Since the launch of Chat GPT, hundreds of AI apps have begun to emerge weekly, You can now rely on AI applications for writing and linguistic scrutiny or even programming and design, thousands of complex and difficult functions can now be accomplished or at least accomplish a significant portion of it, depending on AI All this is good, but there are also challenges and fears of relying on AI fully. We will talk about these concerns so that we can stand up to the truth of the matter, and how we can deal with it better.

Let's start with a speech that includes a call to stop developing the most advanced AI research and applications from "GPT-4", the so-called AI writing revolution, where it leads the advocacy titled "Pause Giant AI Experiences" "Pause giant AI experiments" Famous businessman Elon Musk as well as Steve Wozniak and other important figures in technology and artificial intelligence, They called for an immediate halt of at least 6 months to train AI systems and emphasized that artificial intelligence systems pose serious risks to society and humanity, The current development of artificial intelligence was rapid and unpredictable.

Fears of "Chat GPT" and the dramatic development of AI technology?

They also felt that AI decisions should not be delegated to unelected technical leaders, that joint safety protocols should be developed during the pause, and that AI research should be refocused on improving accuracy, security and transparency, as well as working with policymakers to develop robust AI governance systems.

Cloud Infrastructure:

Millions of users around the world, billions of processes, requests and questions being directed to Chat GPTand other different AI applications, such as "BING Chat", "Google Bard" and others, and with terrible expectations for all of this to multiply these numbers and processes, you are here for a new future based on AI technology.

All of this needs cloud infrastructure or what is known as "Cloud Infrastructure", those devices and resources needed to operate cloud services such as cloud storage; All processes made or virtual servers, virtual networks, security and protection services, and other essential components needed by the cloud service provider to provide their services are stored, so we need a new strategy to deal with this future.

Protection of personal data:

According to a statement issued by OpenAI, the Chat GPT developer They were compromised by the company's subsequent discovery, which led to the leak of data and conversations of many users, this is really dangerous, many when they deal with "Chat GPT", for example, they think it's a talk between him and somebody else, who explains it in detail, discusses it in his thoughts and theses to get him the help he wants.

So it has become very dangerous, for example if you have a project or book idea, a practical discovery or other secrets that no one else should know, all these questions and processes are stored and processed and algorithms are developed through "Chat GPT," the second is if there is any breakthrough for CHAT GPT, like what happened, this could mean that all the questions, writings and queries you've done will be accessible to everyone, which is very dangerous.

"Chat GPT" Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights issues are the most problematic in the world of artificial intelligence, especially with regard to the content industry, such as writing, design, motion graphic, etc., even software codes, websites and applications, all of which are the product of content and work that already exist.

What it means is artificial intelligence or "Chat GPT" For example, he did not create an article out of nowhere, but was provided with millions of articles, books and references before he arrived at this article in its final form, Here the intellectual property problem comes into public view, which you definitely need controls to govern especially if you're talking to an AI app about a particular idea or about a book for you that you're preparing or looking for a new idea. And you've written details of this idea or this book or research to the app to get to something that helps you.

CHAT GPT stores, processes and reuses everything you write with other users, this means that your ideas and research may be used by someone else, so it definitely needs controls to protect intellectual property.

What has Chat GPT responded to this?:

Finally, I asked Chat GPT, should we fear Chat GPT and the dramatic development of artificial intelligence technology? I'll leave you the answer as it stands: "No, so we shouldn't be afraid of Chat GPT or of the tremendous development of artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence represents a tremendous development in technology and can offer many benefits and positives to humanity in different areas such as medicine, industry, education and leisure.

However, we must also be aware of the ethical challenges that the use of smart technology can raise, such as its impact on the labour market, privacy, digital security and reducing employment opportunities for some groups. We must therefore take these challenges seriously and find the necessary solutions to ensure that smart technology is used in a responsible and effective manner and that it achieves the desired benefits for humanity. "


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